Day 9 – Sunday at Chileweni

It was a privilege to worship God together today at the CCAP Church in Chileweni. Many people from the local community filled the church. We sat on stone pews and soon were joined by many children. Various choirs presented choruses in Chichewa and the singing was incredible. It was so lovely to hear the children beside us sing every word as their mothers sang and danced before us. The Malawi people are so very joyful. 
David preached from Matt 5 encouraging all of us to keep our hearts singularly focused on Christ so the work and witness of the church can be most effective. 

Please continue to pray for these small rural churches in Malawi. 

One thought on “Day 9 – Sunday at Chileweni

  1. Makes me envious not to have travelled to Malawi for ministry. I sometimes think our ministers should revert to clerical collars. Tell David how handsome he looks in black and collar!
    However, we now have a new congregation in Melbourne – Clarinda Nuer PC. PTL and last Sunday I had the privilege hearing African singing by 2 choirs and leading at Lord’s Supper.
    Chris and are reading your blog and praying for your service to the Lord and the orphans.
    Loved hearing reports of the children sing in the playground. In the 18th C evangelical revival, people would sing the Psalms as they went about their daily work.
    God bless


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